Canyon Cafe Shutters along Post Oak Blvd. as Bankrupt Sports Authority Prepares To Do the Same

Canyon Cafe, 5000 Westheimer, Galleria, Houston, 77056

Canyon Cafe, 5000 Westheimer, Galleria, Houston, 77056

The Houston location of Canyon Cafe in the Galleria area appears to be closed. A reader sends photos from this morning of locked doors and a leasing sign from Weingarten Realty in the shopping center at the northwest corner of Westheimer Rd. and Post Oak Blvd. The location’s phone number seems to be out of service; also out is serving alcohol, as the restaurant made today’s list of the latest TABC permit delinquencies.

Meanwhile just across Post Oak Blvd., Sports Authority is now sporting signs advertising clearance sales ending May 7th, in the wake of yesterday’s announcement that the chain had gone through with bankruptcy filing and that 140 stores would close in the coming 3 months.


The former second-story site of Canyon Cafe is still supported by mattress-and-back-support-accessory vendor Relax the Back below, along with Abraham’s Oriental Rugs & Home Furnishings; immediately to the west sit Old Navy and Mattress Firm.

Photos: Swamplot inbox

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  • Oh Sad Day,

    All the awful restaurants in this city are closing! What are we to do? Something that may have passed for delicious & innovative (different), a decade or two ago does not make the mark today. They must evolve, or continue even at a medium level of quality/consistency.

  • Coming soon, another Mattress Firm

  • I heard this place had gone downhill or just did not invest in upgrades when the boom gave rise to upscale casual places all over town. I did attend a great rehearsal dinner here 12 years ago. It was pretty nice back then. Galleria traffic has kept me out of that area since.

  • @Commenter7 – I agree with your fear of Galleria traffic. I go there -maybe- once per year, and only when I have to. Once I got caught up in some ad hoc Israel/Palestine protest when I was trying to buy more coat hangers at The Container Store. Even on a normal day, the junction of so many multi-lane major thoroughfare roads makes for some crazy intersections and traffic dynamics. The perpetual morass of 610 does not help, either.

  • Seems everything is moving between highland village and the galleria. Post Oak just can’t compete (sadly)- what’s going to happen with crummy center next to the train tracks near highland village? I’ve heard it’s been sold for development – any other people know any details

  • Seriously…good riddance! The food was subpar and the service, well the service was a joke. And every single time I placed an order with them it came out wrong. Answer me this, what “quasi” Mexican restaurant doesn’t know that it should include tortillas with its fajitas? Uhm you’ll find the answer on this page.