Terminal B at George Bush Airport Will Stay Closed After the Shutdown

TERMINAL B AT GEORGE BUSH AIRPORT WILL STAY CLOSED AFTER THE SHUTDOWN A spokesperson for George Bush International Airport tells the Chronicle that due to “staffing issues,the security checkpoint and ticketing counter at IAH’s Terminal B will remain closed indefinitely. The terminal’s entry area has been shut down since January 13, at which time the federal government shutdown was still in full swing. Flights will continue to depart from the terminal, but passengers scheduled to board them will check in at Terminals C and E before making their way to the gates. [Houston Chronicle]

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  • Yikes! That’s inconvenient.

  • It is NOT Geo.Bush International Airport. The proper/correct name is : George Bush INTERCONTINENTAL Airport !!! Such lazy reporting on eveyone’s part. It’s real EASY to verify- use Google Swamplot editor(s).

  • Could it be that the “staffing issues” at Terminal
    B have nothing to do with the shutdown?

  • Checked in for a flight out of Terminal B at Terminal C. Security took 5-10 minutes. Allow 10 minutes for the tram to get to B once you are inside.

  • Ditto on what HappyGoLucky said. It’s “Intercontinental.” And you still haven’t changed it.

  • Okay, Txcon, I’ll speculate along with you: what other recent federal-level disruption to TSA staffing might be the cause here. Seasonal flu? Cold-weather car start-ups?

  • I’m starting to think there’s a lot of services we don’t need in the first place.

  • Per fly2houston : Terminal B ticketing lobby reopened 1/30 at 4:30am. https://www.fly2houston.com/iah/alerts/#navpanel

  • @Houstonreader I’m not sure exactly, but the security lines are very inefficiently laid out for security theater. I use CLEAR when I travel, and TSA told me last time that CLEAR left Terminal B because “it didn’t work.” I’ve used it at probably 20+ airports in the US and it’s never not “worked.” When I asked why they couldn’t elaborate. I’m wondering if there’s some other problem there with the facility or management there.