Thanksgiving in Midtown: A Bird Is Born

From Swamplot roving photographer Candace Garcia come these shots of Daniel Anguilu‘s latest avian creation (with woodwork by Lindsey George), appearing at the base of the former Mental Health and Mental Retardation Authority building on Tuam looking toward Main. The happiest of holiday, shopping, and non-shopping experiences — newfangled, revisionist, and otherwise — to all of our readers!

Swamplot will be back on Monday.


Photos: Candace Garcia

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  • I like it! (I hope the bums don’t defecate on it.)

  • Thanks for the recognition! The project is still a work in progress and will eventually be more fluid with the rest of the style of the building. The bird is a tribute to Daniel and all the other DIY artisits all over the city. If anyone has any suggestions or would like to donate to the project please feel free to contact me via Twitter or email and I will be sure to respond. Merry Thanksgiving!

    Warm Regards,
    Lindsey George