The Academy of St. Agnes in the Fields

The 18.7-acre vacant former site of the Gillman auto dealership on Bellaire Blvd. at Fondren will soon become an extension campus of a Catholic girls’ high school down the road. The main campus of St. Agnes Academy will remain at 9000 Bellaire Blvd., next to Strake Jesuit between Gessner and Ranchester, which the school calls “landlocked.” This new site a little more than a mile to the east — purchased just Wednesday — will likely become the new home of the school’s athletic facilities, to allow for expansion on the main campus. If that happens, the Catholic school’s sports teams will play on fields across Bellaire Blvd. from Plazamericas — formerly known as the Sharpstown Mall. St. Agnes Academy moved to its current site in 1963, after almost 60 years in Midtown.


Photos: Candace Garcia

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  • Yep, there won’t be any crime on campus there….

  • Good title today, Gus!

  • We in Sharpstown and surrounding neighborhoods are ECSTATIC over this development. It will be a great thing, to have a private school on the site. Now if we can just get more positive development like St. Agnes….

  • Certainly not a bad thing, but it’s unfortunate that such a highly visible retail corner will be used for something that pays no taxes and does not benefit (and can not be used by) 99.9% of the community around it.

  • Great news. My cousin went to SAA in the 70s. This area of town has really gone to hell, but SJ and SAA are great schools.

  • Don’t knock Sharpstown … I moved from Sugar Land to Sharpstown and have zero crime and believe it or not, less noise at night (which in Sugar Land, couldn’t avoid either). The neighborhood is surprisingly peaceful and it’s wonderful to take a walk around the block and wave to neighbors. Yes, I’m sure if you live in an apartment, it would be a different story. But my area is comprised of families, just trying to make a living like the rest of us.

  • Hey guys, I heard this is a dangerous area. I’m new in town. Do they still have metal detectors at the Agnes and Strake? Just FYI be careful…geez.