The Burial Crypt Near Buffalo Bayou; Houston’s Most Haunted Places


Photo of Buffalo Bayou Park: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • The titles of the articles you post always read like the SimCity 3 &4 News ticker.

  • Never got the attraction to Niko Niko. I tried to like it as so many times people I was with wanted to go. But bleh, it sucked. Long lines, meh food, overpriced.

  • i’ve always thought of Niko Niko’s as being the in-town tourist spot for the suburban folks. could be the best restaurant in town for all I know, but I’m never going to find out.
    and what’s up with a cinema/bowling alley. i understand the efficiency in combining the two, but didn’t this country reach peak bowling alley about 50 years ago?

  • @Cody – Mrs. Bag and I were saying the same thing last night. Friends rave about Niko Niko, but I’ve never understood the attraction.

  • I don’t love Niko Niko, but don’t hate it either. But I like the one in Market Square because sometimes I just need a gyro to soak up some excess alcohol…

  • @joel ” … didn’t this country reach peak bowling alley about 50 years ago?”
    Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

  • While I quite like the food at Niko Niko’s, I do feel that if I’m going to pay $40+ dollars for dinner and drinks for the wife and me, I should be getting that on a plate and eating it with tableware that I don’t throw away at the end of the meal. The amount of trash that place generates must be enormous.

  • @Joel: Quite true. I have a book in my library titled “Bowling Alone” – an entire tome dedicated to the decline of bowling in American culture, and how it was symptomatic of the larger death of social interaction.

  • Never understood the attraction to Niko Nico, tho I’m sure we’ll here that someone took a Cat. 5 Bowel Movement there because apparently Swamplot finds that sort of thing relevant to any thread. What’s the point to moderation if you’ll allow that but moderate a comment because you deem it accurate tho not Politically Correct.

  • niko* hear*

  • Niko Niko’s is one of the most irritating places I seem to go back to swearing never again. It is a complete clusterf$%^ in there with piles of food on plates that are too small…..for god sales get some trays or just have some of those ubiquitous blue apron gals run the food to the tables rather than stuff the napkin dispensers, sugar packets, plastic ware bins so full you can’t even pull anything out. That chicken lemon soup is great–the rest is okay. But I’m never going back–I think…….

    Shannon why even mention Jerry the Pizzer’s comments? You know he get his schtick in every post so why read it?

  • The presence of Biba’s/Theo’s is what confuses me about the presence and popularity of Niko Niko’s

  • JT, it’s more of an annoyance at the calculus that goes into the moderation of comments on this site. I no longer read his/her/its comments, one was enough, but to have a post on Swamplot make mention of it, in reference to some port o’ potty was the limit, they stooped to a new low, perhaps they should moderate themselves.

  • I will admit that I’m biased having gone there for 30+ years, but what other Greek restaurants do you all prefer? bibbas is no good (sorry awp), and Aladin and others are no good either. If the complaint is the line/price, I suppose I can understand, but are you complaining about the food?

  • I just had Niko Niko’s the other day after a 3-year hiatus. I enjoyed my gyro, but not the piece, which has recently gone up per the cashier gal. I enjoy Aladdin’s a lot, but do think that the meat is more tender at Niko Niko’s. The line is ridiculously long at Niko Niko’s, so we just order take out. Much easier than standing in line with young children.

  • @Htownproud – “… what other Greek restaurants do you all prefer?”
    None. I don’t know of any really good Greek restaurants in Houston. That’s still no reason to eat mediocre food at Niko Niko’s. If you want good gyros (and good everything), check out the Meyerland Fadi’s.

  • I haven’t been to Niko Niko’s since I was yelled at by a very manly female manager there for giving my pile of leftover fries to some homeless lady that asked for it. Yes, I get the irony of this given my other anti-homeless post earlier, but my outrage was the fact that they were my fries and am free to do with them what I wanted since I paid for them.

  • ^I’ll bet they haven’t missed you. If you keep feeding a stray cat, it will come around all of the time.

  • I love the irony of Commensense being called out for showing too much human decency.

  • I’m getting to this post a little late, but there’s a Greek place near Jefferson/Jackson (SE downtown) called Greek Myth. It’s actually in the lobby of some union building. Granted the location sucks and the atmosphere is a little sterile but the food is really really good. The owner moved to Houston recently and his food is real fresh and authentic.

  • Alwadi’s on JKF in Gunspoint. I stop whenever I have time going to/from IAH. It’s more Mediterranean than Greek, but best gyro’s in town. Happy people working there, minimal lines, great price.