Trader Joe’s Opening New Store Outside Every Loop in Cinco Ranch

Here’s a look at Houston’s next Trader Joe’s, set to open in Cinco Ranch sometime next year. It’ll be at 2643 Commercial Center Blvd., right in the center of all that commerce just west of the Grand Pkwy. This new 12,500-sq.-ft. store will be the 4th in the area. The last to open was the one on San Felipe and Voss in January, across the street from the Randall’s that has since been torn down to make way for a new Whole Foods.

Rendering: Trader Joe’s

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  • Out of all the master planned communities, Cinco Ranch is the most depressing one. Not a single tree in sight, concrete reflecting sun at 1000 degrees. Feels like a warehouse of generic boxes in the middle of a rice patty.

  • I’ve been told so many times on Swamplot that Trader Joe’s is supposed to be cool, but this is the antithesis of cool. Is it really possible that all the self-important Swamplot hipsters are not themselves cool!? My universe is collapsing around me. Oh no.

  • TheNiche: I love trader joes. Not sure if it’s “cool” or not but my wife and I dig it.

  • It’s obvious the commonsense hasn’t never been to Cinco Ranch. I would argue there are more trees in Cinco Ranch than in any Inner Loop neighborhood. There more trees in the western suburbs than there was prior to the masterplanned communities developing.

  • I agree re Cinco Ranch. Very depressing. The ghosts of the Katy Prairie (Aka the Attwater Prairie Chicken) can be heard howling at night. There is nothing for us there. Only broken dreams.

  • @kjb434, I went through Cinco Ranch recently, touring some homes for sale, in all price ranges. It was a shockingly depressing neighborhood compared to Woodlands, Cypress, even Atascocita. And a couple of trees planted in a rice patty that’s been treeless for decades does not make for a green neighborhood.

  • Trader Joe’s is awful…not cool unless you think a Walgreen’s that has more crappy food is cool!!

  • Ooh ooh I have an opinion on whether Trader Joe’s is cool or hip or not too. Want to hear it?

  • Why not simply shop at a store based on YOUR OWN opinion of it.

  • @ Steve – where’s the fun in that?

  • TJs and Cinco Ranch- a match made in Heaven!

  • I lived in a Katy neighborhood with new construction that had no trees and it drained the life out of me every day. We gave up the new house smell for a thirty year old house in Nottingham Country with towering oaks on every street and I couldn’t be happier. Except for the damn squirrels. I hate the damn squirrels.

  • Aw hey there mike hunch. Just get some 22 cb caps and you can kill all them tree rats real quick. Nasty creatures. Stay safe brother

  • My design agency does work for a new salon in that same complex, La Centerra, and I have to give that area some props. It’s a great place to shop, eat, and entertain in Cinco Ranch, and once phase 2 or 3 is complete, I can see La Centerra being an even better destination spot.

  • All of you who are saying there are no trees in Cinco Ranch haven’t been to the older section East of the Grand Parkway. Lots of trees and big yards. It’s only the west part that is being developed that is lacking trees.