Whole Foods Building New Store at Former Flagship Randall’s S. Voss Spot

The Woodway store is closing, Whole Foods announced yesterday, and the grocer plans to build a new one on the site of the recently closed and approved-for-demolition Flagship Randall’s at 1407 S. Voss near San Felipe. That’s right across the street from the brand-new Trader Joe’s. A Whole Foods rep says that new store will be 40,000 sq. ft., double the size of the store at 6401 Woodway that’s been there since 1983.

Photo of Flagship Randall’s: Allyn West

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  • Wouldn’t it have been more ‘green’ to renovate the old building and add onto it?
    I like Whole Foods for prepared food and their coffee is totally whiz-bang, but I think they are a crock of sh*t when it actually comes to being any better for the planet.
    It always boggled my mind that a company headquartered in Austin would have less locally grown food than HEB and be at least 30% more expensive.

  • Worked there from ’82-85 as a bagger. Very busy on weekends back in the day. One lesson I quickly learned was the nicer the car, the lower the tip. Being close to Memorial/Tanglewood worked against us sometimes… For the trivia buffs, this was selected at the first store to convert to the “Flagship” concept in 1986.

  • I’m surprised they are building so close to the new Blvd Place location on San Felipe.

  • I always thought that was the grandest entrance to any grocery story i have ever been to. Figured there would be more “reno not demo” protestors on here.

  • Hate it.

  • If anyone is familiar with the old Randall’s store at 70 FM 1960 West, you’ll notice the striking similarity to the current Woodway Whole Foods. The old Randalls on 1960 is a Weingarten property, so it may have once been a Weingarten’s grocery store. No idea about the extremely (externally) similar looking Woodway Whole Foods though.