The Parc Binz Getting Some Restaurant Bizness

THE PARC BINZ GETTING SOME RESTAURANT BIZNESS Culturemap’s Eric Sandler is reporting that a coffee shop and wine bar and 2 new restaurants will be opening up this fall in Museum Park, all 3 of them going inside the 5-story, 50,000-sq.-ft. mixed-use Parc Binz building that’s currently under construction at the corner of Binz and Chenevert: “The first . . . will serve light bites and feature the same coffee beans from Greenway Coffee and Tea that are currently featured at Blacksmith . . . . The second will be a Korean fried chicken concept tentatively called Dak & Dop. The third will be a full service restaurant under the direction of executive chef Chris Leung, who’s already partnered with Balcor on ice cream shop Cloud 10 Creamery that’s set to open in Rice Village’s Hanover development this fall.” [Culturemap; previously on Swamplot] Rendering: Energy Architecture

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  • I lived in this hood for years and always dreamed of walking to a restaurant besides Cafe Express in the MFAH basement. Eventually we got Taco Bodega which was great but then I moved to Montrose where I can walk to a whole lot more.

    This will definitely be great for the neighborhood and I’m especially curious about the Korean place.

  • WOO HOO! This is such a ridiculously underserved area! I’d love to be able to walk to more places than the taco place (although they do have great live music!)

  • They could put a Neiman Marcus in the bottom and it’s still hideous!–I dread having to drive by this 50’s hospital by way of an 60’s IRS office

  • And so it goes…
    “No ground level retail! I hate it!”
    “Ground level retail?! It’s ugly!
    Come on ppl. It ain’t that bad.
    ♪Always look on the bright side of life….♪


    Since I am out in Claremont, CA for a few days, this building here somewhat reminded me of this rendering if you were to mix it with the ballet building in downtown.

  • i’m so happy this is finally coming together, buildings like this one are the future of houston, thank you !

  • LOL! I think Shannon is incapable of saying anything positive.

    It’s not the most innovative design, but it is coming together, and a vast improvement over what was there before. I am very excited about the new restaurants opening in that building, and welcome the new businesses to the area!

  • Finally a payoff for suffering through the loud construction sounds next to my bedroom every morning (except Sunday). Can’t wait for the beast to be done. I’ll be at the coffee bar…