Daily Demolition Report: Fixing Benny’s

And say goodbye to another neighborhood original.


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Photo of 1134 Bayland Ave.: HAR

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  • 1134 Bayland was a nice original house, but I can’t say I’m surprised with the uber premium dirt price on that street.

  • On the map it looks like it’s on the corner of Studewood. A townhome spawn spot?

  • Cool looking craftsman bungalow—never stood a chance–

  • @Dana – Not townhouses, probably a Genuine Imitation Oversized Craftsman Without the Craft McMansion. That section of Bayland is deed restricted to single family, one house per lot.

  • Thanks, Mollusk. A McCraftsman…I wonder if it’ll be a spec house or owner built? I guess I’m surprised that is going on right there. A townhouse is more impersonal. It takes some real ruthlessness and determined self interest to bulldoze a bungalow in order to erect a larger version of it in that nabe. They’ll have to endure the steely glints and scowls of the neighbors there. I shouldn’t be surprised though…(sung to the tune of Native New Yorker) I should know the score by now…..I’m a long time Houstoniannnn.

  • i wish they’d brought in a company such as Cherry to move it…

  • Drove by there earlier this afternoon…there is a green permit tag in the front window, and so far the only demo appears to be the garage and totally paved back yard. The place has good bones; I’m hoping that this will actually end up being a remodel with perhaps some expansion.

  • Wow, I’ll be surprised if that Bayland bungalow is a total scraper. Just the next block north on Highland is a really gorgeous expansion/remodel of an existing bungalow.

    I would think that sitting right on the corner of Studewood would drop the selling price of a house by at least a few thousand bucks – if that is the case, maybe it’s more cost-effective to build new? I have no clue.

  • Hello Swamplot! I am working on the 1134 Bayland Bungalow and am happy to report that you have been misinformed. The house is not being torn down. It is far too beautiful! There was a dilapidated and unsafe garage in the back, not original to the house, that was removed. The house is being modestly and carefully remodeled with a one story addition in the back. The original charm and vernacular will remain! We are simply giving it a healthy, happy updating to add to, and not detract from the quality of the neighborhood.