The Last Days of Hubbell & Hudson; A History of Hating on Houston

downtown bayous

Photo of Allen’s Landing, Buffalo and White Oak Bayous: Jackson Myers via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Some of those antipathetic quotes are priceless. Keep Houston ugly!!!

  • Damn shame about Hubbell & Hudson. That was a really neat place.

  • Frank Liu got a huge 380 agreement to build high-end town homes in Cottage Grove. It will be interesting to see what kind of assistance he gets, if any, from the City to build in the 5th ward.

  • @Old School if you want to take a guess at what Frank is looking for from the city, look at the MDI lot on google maps and see what it is missing (roads, sewers, utilities….etc.) Frank has a lot of room to negotiate with. That area in the bottom is getting expensive quickly.

  • @Clean: I think the City should roll out the red carpet on this one, but should have made InTown pay their own way in Cottage Grove. They are printing money in Cottage Grove. The 5th Ward will be a much lower price point, a bigger risk and where new housing can really make a difference both for the neighborhood and for affordable housing in general.

  • Mr.Clean: You’re quite the Frank Liu expert…

  • @cody Google is a powerful tool.