Natural Juices Will Descend from Heights Hallway to Wash Ave Strip, This Spring


Strip Center, 4720 Washington Ave., HoustonA little smoothie-and-juice bar lodged in a glorified corridor set deep in a 19th St. retail building will be sextupling its space (and expanding and solidifying some portions of its menu) sometime this spring. That’s when Juicy in the Sky with Vitamins is scheduled to move on down from the Heights to the strip-center spot of recently shuttered Teahouse 101 (pictured above and at right) at 4720 Washington Ave. Architect-turned-vegetable-crusher Deborah Morris will shut down her tiny juice spot at 238 W. 19th St. when the new space opens — next to Max’s Wine Dive at Shepherd Dr.

Photos: Swamplot inbox

Juicy in the Sky

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  • NNNNNOOOOOOoooooooo!!!!!!!

    Ok, I am happy that Deborah is moving out of the very inadequate little hole in the wall she had on 19th, but I will very much miss walking up to 19th street and sipping one of her amazing smoothies on the way home, especially during the summer months. Given the recent growth in the whole “juicing” movement (as in vitamix, not steroids), I think she will do well in a decent sized space and wish her much success. I just wish she would still be within walking distance.

  • Sounds good, although that strip center is a proverbial valet parking hell-hole. Stopped going to Molina’s when I couldn’t park my own car 25 feet from the front door on Sunday afternoon when the lot was practically empty.

  • I was a daily regular at Deborah’s 19th street location until it got so busy that the wait times were just too much. She needs more space! I wish the more space could be on 19th but Washington isn’t too far way. I wish her much success!