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  • Walking closets huh? Now, THAT is convenience!

  • For such a large house, it sure does have tiny living areas.

  • So much house!! I imagine that a family of four could live together there and not even see each other for days (if they were so inclined).

    Not what I’d call cozy. Does it come with roller skates?

  • Simian – Never Be Alone

  • What I find kind of odd is you have a 2.7 million dollar house, but look at what is in it. Is it just me? If I could afford a 2.7 million dollar house, I would have a little to invest in some decent art, some nice furnishings, accessories, GOOD rugs. What is the point of a house like that if you are going to fill it with Kirklands and Garden Ridge type stuff?

  • Photo captions you don’t regularly come across:



  • I disagree – the weirdest part is definitely the giant, single pane window behind the master bed with a large crucifix hanging over it. I guess what goes on in the boom-boom room is open to the public, and watched over carefully by Christ.

  • @Eastender. Based on the fact that Google Maps still shows this place under construction I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the current owners pretty quickly found out that they couldn’t afford a 2.7 million dollar house.

  • “pillars everywhere”. How about some Mah-ble Cah-lumns?

  • Some pile. A remake of ‘Scarface’ could be filmed there.