More Info on Amegy Bank’s Plans To Spike Houston’s Micro Center with an Office Tower

Micro Center, 1717 West Loop South, Houston

Micro Center Parking Lot, 1717 West Loop South, HoustonTwo days after Swamplot reported the local-tech-nerd-soul-crushing rumor that Amegy Bank has purchased the Post Oak Park–West Loop site of computer retailer Micro Center, a few new and possibly conflicting (but maybe not) pieces of information have emerged about a possible deal. Yesterday, in response to a reader question posted on the Micro Center Facebook page, the company posted what at first appears to be an outright denial of the rumor:


“The Micro Center property has not been sold,” reads the report, which bears its own quotation marks. “Houston is a very strong market for us, and we have no intention of leaving. Our Customers have appreciated our offerings and shopping experience for 20 years, and we can assure them the same and more for years to come.”

But separately, Swamplot has heard from a source not involved in the project — but who’s in a position to know about it — who confirms that Amegy is proceeding with the design of a tower on the Microcenter site at 1717 West Loop South. And a user on HAIF has identified BG Group Place architects Pickard Chilton as the architect, and Hines as the developer. So — do these 2 pieces of information conflict with each other?

Maybe not, if you parse Micro Center’s “denial” carefully. The company’s statement only says that it has not sold the property, not that it never will or that it does not have current plans to. But it states that the retailer has no intention to leave the Houston market, and even hints at changes in the future. If Micro Center had an agreement in place to sell the property, and plans to reopen the store in a new location, those circumstances would match its statement perfectly.

Photos: Nick Juhasz (top); Jason R. (parking lot)

Amegy Coming, Micro Center Moving?

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  • I can see how Micro Center ditching this location to move out further west and well away from the gazeful eyes from Fry’s in the north/south could be a better move for them than where they are now. i really don’t see how they’d be pulling in enough additional revenue to justify this high-rent location anyhow. Definitely not a high-mrgin business. i’m honestly just surprised that a store like this can still compete with the lieks of newgg and fry’s in the internet age so they must be doing something right.

  • I heard Fat Property is going to buy this and turn it into a giant strip club. TRUE STORY!

  • Sounds like a good time for them to move anyway, with the new construction and ever-worsening traffic on the West Loop. It’d be nice if Microcenter looked at places along Westheimer or Richmond between the West Loop and the West Belt. And not just because it’d make them easier to get to from my house,
    If they were near the Home Depot / Guitar Center / Petsmart center off of Westheimer, it’d be awesome.

  • There is plenty of cheaper land outside of the Galleria area.

  • I don’t think MicroCenter really cares too much about Fry’s past a certain point since its a pretty different market. Fry’s barely handles enthusiast hardware anymore, which is MicroCenter’s specialty, and when they do their prices are outrageous. The only real competition MicroCenter has in that realm are Newegg and TigerDirect. I still do not understand how MicroCenter can matche their prices while maintaining a physical store.

    In case its not obvious I would really hate to see Micro Center close.

  • I say it’s a great time to move. To be honest, my only excuse NOT to go to MC is that it IS in the Galleria.

  • I think they definitely have something going on since it’s obviously they are reducing their inventory significantly.