The Latest Houston Sublease Numbers; It’s HOU, Not HTX


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  • Re: It’s HOU, not HTX

    Says who? Little Miss Austin sure has a lot of nerve, now that it’s growing up. Austin DOES NOT own ATX, and Houston DOES NOT own HTX. HOU is irrelevant, as it pertains to an airport, like AUS (or does AUS belong to Australia? Hmmm). It’s all fair game…if it fits, wear it. People were using ATX long before Austin. Abilene or Amarillo could say ATX belongs to them, not Austin. Huntsville or Harlingen could say they’re the real H-town or HTX, not Houston. I recently saw a person using DTX while posting on a Texas blog…is that in reference to Dalhart or Dallas or Denton? And I personally used HTX on a Texas blog for years and long before ATX or HTX ‘came on line’. To which or to whom does it belong? To all? You bet, but who cares? It doesn’t matter. ATX or HTX belongs to everybody, or at least to those who can or want to use them. The whole thing is nonsense… and leave it to the Houston Comical to even report such nonsense. And the Houston Superbowl Committee would be fools to even dignify this crap with a response. They’re acting as if Houston took the idea from Austin, which would be total BS and VERY hypocritical of Austin…considering it took the state capital from Houston, the original capital of Texas. Congratulations Houston Superbowl Host Committee on Superbowl LI: HTX 2017!

  • IAH all day long!!

  • @ Honest Truth
    Dang. That’s quite a wall o’ text tirade you’ve got going on. Only decaf for you for the rest of the day.

  • I personally like “HOT”. Short for Houston TX but also a very accurate description of our year round conditions. I also say we host the 2024 summer Olympics in Feb in Houston.

  • HTX seems cool to me like when I think of houston texans football team, I think of HTX and all this is related to football.