Montrose La Tapatia Returns from Month-Long Smoke Break

La Tapatia, 1749 Richmond Ave., Montrose, Houston, 77098 La Tapatia, 1749 Richmond Ave., Montrose, Houston, 77098

The Richmond Ave branch of La Tapatia at the corner of Woodhead St. is back in operation this week after the late summer toasting of its 1969 building, a few readers report. Up top is a shot of the July 22 response from the Houston Fire Department (whose Station 16 is located a convenient half-block away across Richmond at the corner with Dunlavy St.). That’s Fairmont Museum District looking on worriedly from the background; the poop-scrutinizing Richwood Place apartment complex’s older half would have had a clear view of the action from the western turret. 

Photos: Marcie Newton (top), James Glassman (sign)

Where There’s Queso, There Was Fire

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  • Thank You SL for getting Richwood Place subdivision as the CORRECT legal name.. So many LAZY realtors still name it Richmond Place or Richwood. Richwood Place residents reactivated the Civic Association in the mid 1990’s and COMBINED the two subdivision names. I used to eat @ the original,albeit smaller La Tapatia from the early to mid 90’s. . The Tacos Pastor are delicious. LaTapatia long ago took over the former florist store that sat @ the SouthEast corner of Richmond& Woodhead.

  • Luckily the Fairmont doesn’t do the poop collection thing anymore. Glad I can walk to my favorite restaurant again!