Poop Science Comes to Fairmont Museum District Apartments

POOP SCIENCE COMES TO FAIRMONT MUSEUM DISTRICT APARTMENTS And one of the “amenities” that the doubling-in-size Fairmont Museum District wasn’t ready to announce would seem to be that poop detection service picking up steam in Dallas: Houston Chronicle’s Carol Christian reports that the Richmond and Dunlavy apartment complex that’s right beside Ervan Chew Park has already asked tenants to submit their pets’ DNA to hasten the resolution of these mistakes most foul: The main reason we decided to try [PooPrints] was because we had a specific issue on one of our floors with accidents,” Fairmont manager Molly Kalish tells Christian. Still, the whodunit service seems to have a few bumps, since it provides no way to sniff out a motive or track a rogue agent: “ . . . DNA testing did not identify any [Fairmont] tenant’s dog as the recent accident-prone culprit,” reports Christian, “suggesting that a visitor might have been responsible.” [Houston Chronicle; previously on Swamplot] Photo of Fairmont Museum District: Allyn West

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  • The Fairmont made one of the nicer dog parks in Montrose into a travesty. The park could never dry out after rain storms because the apartments abutted the park so closely, and they hadn’t engineered their runoff properly. I gave up going there and eventually just gave up on the whole neighborhood, and Houston in general, sold the house, and moved away.

  • What a crock of total crap this whole idea is!
    Seriously, the poor dogs, being dogs and now becoming potential suspects. Are you kidding me? Get a life people and get out of mine and that of my dog. Seriously!

  • poop detection service picking up steam


  • Translation: This will only hurt those individuals that dutifully follow the rules. All others continue letting your dogs poop with wanton abandon.

  • Ooh! Looks like we’re spelling “Museum Distrikt” with a K!

    This makes me want to start throwing my poop over their fence… er, um… my dog’s poop. ye-e-e-e-ah.

    Enjoy the DNA, guys.