The Latest Oil Discovery in Galveston Bay; Last of the Westcreek Apartments Sales

southwest freeway

Photo of Southwest Fwy.: Bill Barfield via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I wonder if the costs of spill cleanup and of closing the Ship Channel to commerce will exceed the costs of the dredging which has been delayed because of budget problems. I suspect that the dredging is cheaper. There was an article just a few weeks ago saying that there was so much ship traffic and it was just a matter of time in these narrow channels before there was a collision. I guess we didn’t have to wait long.
    This seems to be the new normal in this country: a collapsing interstate bridge here, a collision in an under-maintained port there, and look, now we’re entering a New Cold War with Russia yet we’re dependent on them to reach outer space. Voters like being lied to so much that we’re now in a position that we can’t cut SS benefits by 2-3% or increase FICA by 1%, so let’s just let infrastructure and space program crumble instead!