A Dunlavy Bungalow Farewell

Demolition of Bungalow at 1705 Dunlavy St., Windsor Place, Montrose, Houston

The speckled-yellow-brick 1935 bungalow at 1705 Dunlavy St. is dead. Missed seeing that address, one lot deep into the third block south of West Gray, on Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report? So did we. But a helpful neighbor was on hand this week to take notes — and pics — of the take-down. This counts as the first demolition of a non-corner Dunlavy house in “a while,” our local correspondent announces. “It was in disrepair for a few years, so [I’m] not surprised it’s gone.”


Demolition of Bungalow at 1705 Dunlavy St., Windsor Place, Montrose, Houston

Photos: Swamplot inbox

So Long

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  • It’s not the loss of the bungalows in Montrose that is so depressing, it’s the townhouses that are poorly built, badly designed and add nothing to the neighborhood but debris fodder when the next Cat 3 hurricane that comes through. It’s developers like Urban Living that are the real blight on Montrose.

  • Had the opportunity to buy one down the street from my girlfriend’s landlord, but couldn’t afford it at the time. It will be on the chopping block soon, making way for new townhouses. Unfortunate.

  • Pragmatic solution is exactly right. These developer vultures have blighted our communities, with the blessing of city hall.

  • I don’t mind seeing a pos house or property being torn down inside the loop. You haters should get together and buy all the romantic little bungalows up. Then you can keep them forever. I’m not a fan of cheap townhouses but obviously there has been a market for them in the neighborhood since the early 90’s when this started happening. This is not a new thing, some of those 3 story townhouses on Fairview just east of Shepherd are 20 years old already.

    Cody is an urban hero!


  • #Pragmaticsolution ; # Hamsterdam ; #Mel ; The worst thing about the “new” construction” is the LOSS of the charm,character,history & integrity of the decades old bungalows / four squares / duplexes / commercial properties is once gone what takes their places are BLAND, GENERIC , COOKIE CUTTER , INSIPID ,SHODDILY BULT “homes” that start falling apart within ONE year!! 99.99% I couldn’t be paid millions to live in. #Dream: I don’t know where you live. When a large truck rolls down the street , a majority t, if not all, of the house shakes. And you feel it….

  • @patrick, i agree that most of the new townhouses being built are bland, cheap and shoddy on the exterior, but most of them are pretty nice on the inside. there is also some cool custom homes and new mods going up in the area. i personally don’t mind seeing a run down obsolete property getting demolished if something great takes it’s place. but that’s just how i feel about real estate in general unless it’s a historic property like the menil house or a great glenbrook or westbury mod. i hate seeing that but respect the right of the property owner to do what they think is best for their family or investment.

    fyi: i tore down a 1938 bungalow near rice village that was obsolete by my standards and built a new home last year and when big trucks roll down the street guess what happens? my house doesn’t shake, maybe it’s the structural slab or the icynene spray foam insulation or the extra structural steel we used during construction. there are new construction methods and technology that are far superior to the 1930’s.

    where do you live? do you own or rent? how long have you lived in your house?