The Most Expensive Neighborhoods for 1-Bedroom Apartments; Bosarges Asking $43 Million for ‘Chateau Carnarvon’

Gibbs Boats, 1110 West Gray St. at Montrose Blvd., North Montrose, Houston

Photo of Gibbs Boats at 1110 West Gray St.: Andrew Steffler [license]


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  • You would think that places like Mission Bend would want to be annexed. CoH already has limited-purpose annexation of lots of their commercial areas.

  • What’s the latest on the Somerset Green gated community that Hines announced in 2013?

  • It took them FOREVER to build that “Chateau”. It’s certainly impressive and sits on the best street in Memorial. It’s a lot of money, but frankly it’s a bargain.

  • I walked through that Chateau house many times while it was under construction, it took them so long to build it, the lumber and especially plywood started to rot from exposure to elements. Also all of that decorative marble is not self supporting, it’s adhered to the wood frame structure and will become a settlement and cracking problem over time. It’s a beautiful lot and the landscaping is awesome but given what’s actually SOLD in REAL LIFE in that area, I’d give it a $15mil value at the most.

  • Perhaps 40 million plus

  • Perhaps 40 million plus is a bit over ambitious, especially if it has the issues you alude to. I’m just pleased they finally finished it. I agree it could not have been optimal to sit for so long in construction fits and starts. I like the style tho, very much a power house.

  • My family was going to Felix Mexican food in the ’50s, and some members of my family continued until it closed. I even remember Mrs. Harper, who was the hostess 40 or 50 years ago. Anyone else remember her? The last time I ate there was in 1978, when I visited Houston for a wedding. I’ve been back to Houston many times since, but never returned to Felix, which I regret.