Metro Adjusts Its Reimagined Bus Routes

METRO ADJUSTS ITS REIMAGINED BUS ROUTES Metro Reimagining Map WeslayanSo the reviews of the proposed “System Reimagining” of Metro bus routes are in and . . . generally positive, but a big bunch of letter-writers hated what the new layout might or might not do to public transit along Weslayan, Jones Rd. and Jersey Village, and the Louetta and Vintage Lakes area. So the newly revised map, which Metro unveiled at its board meeting yesterday, recommends some adjustments to proposed service changes in those areas. The new 48 line, for example, which formerly was planned to run straight down Weslayan to the South Loop, would now connect the Northwest Transit Center to Greenway Plaza, the Rice Village, and the Med Center; the new 10 route down Kirby Dr. would now extend further south to S. Main St. Don’t like these changes to the changes? A few alternative route adjustments were presented as well. If the new plans are approved at next month’s meeting, the new bus routes and schedules should go into effect next June. Here’s the whole revised reimagined network map in one big PDF. [Metro; previously on Swamplot; all plan materials]

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  • Okay everyone needs to stop using the term reimagining. Unless you are including rainbows and unicorns, you are still just revising.

  • That 48 routing is the antithesis of what the ‘re-imagining’ is trying to accomplish.
    I guess we shouldn’t make perfection the enemy of good / progress.

  • “Reimagined” is a very politically correct way of putting it. I think the term “fixed” is way more appropriate (Metro broke it).

  • The new 48 does go against the grain of what the plan is supposed to be. It does however does create a great link between the NWTC, Uptown, Highland Village, Greenway Plaza, Kirby Area, Rice Village, and the TMC it will have extremely high ridership!

  • I’m no longer on the board for Brays a Oaks, but here’s my two-cents from a Brays Oaks standpoint:
    The 81 and 83 buses should be looked at. Brays Oaks considers the corner of West Bellfort and Fondren it’s “center.” Both of those bus lines could be tweaked to make their turn-around-loops at that intersection. Ridership for the 81 should stay about the same. Ridership for the 83 should improve.
    Also, it would be good to keep the 163 bus. It has tremendously high ridership and provides a vital link between Brays Oaks and Downtown. It seems to have disappeared in the Reinvisioning.

  • no one in West U wanted the 40 to run on Weslayan. Weslayan is a two lane street with no real way to go around a stopped bus. it would have interrupted the flow of a street that is already problematic due to people making left turns on to the side streets. it backs up quite badly at Bissonet and at Bellaire with traffic, adding buses would only compound the problem.

  • Have any of you taken a drive along Navigation where the METRO East End line is located? It is EXACTLY like driving an OBSTACLE course-with numerous lane changes, insane signage, space issues( a 21st century “solution” in a late 19th/early 20th century corridor).Some moron has already “christened” one of the waiting for rider’s stations- ran up on the concrete platform and bent one of the steel I-beams!! The icing on the cake: two DISCONNECTED sections-yes Houston taxpayers. METRO in it’s infinite STUPIDITY and SHORTSIGHTEDNESS built an extension that is NOT completely connected… I guess they’re gonna connect the far eastern section in the future. And the way METRO’s funding is going these days ( remember it spent all of it’s $600 MILLION reserves several years ago on this boondoggle & the North Main line) it’ll be at least several years before the two sections are ACTUALLY connected !!!! I’d replace ALL of the METRO board ASAP !!!! And NO more contracts with Train Car builders in Spain. The cars aren’t ready. The Siemens Main line cars were DELIVERED on time and operable. And they can take numerous collisions with pedestrians / cyclist / vehicles and keep on running.. That’s solid German engineering / craftsmanship !!!!

  • Sending the Acres Homes folks into downtown on North Main is a lot nicer than shortlining them at Northline TC. That rail line is slo-ooo-oww.