The Woodlands Cavalry Units Ordered To Retreat from Walmart, Costco Parking Lots

THE WOODLANDS CAVALRY UNITS ORDERED TO RETREAT FROM WALMART, COSTCO PARKING LOTS Effective January 1, mounted patrols will no longer be present at the 2 stores opposite each other on Hwy. 242 at I-45 — reports The Villager’s Marialuisa Rincon — although they’ll remain at Town Center and Hughes Landing. The Woodlands’ contract with the company that provides the equestrian detail, Alpha & Omega Services, previously made up 13 percent of the township’s $14 million law enforcement budget, reports Rincon. But unlike police officers, the riders “don’t carry guns and are prohibited from intervening if a crime is in progress — instead, they’re required to contact law enforcement if an incident merits police attention.” The cuts will save the town $470,000 a year until the contract goes up for renewal in 2020. They’ll also require Alpha & Omega to eliminate positions from its force for the first time since arriving 23 years ago in The Woodlands — which has become “our crown jewel,” said the company’s president, adding: “Every operation we have in the country, we bring our troopers here to train.” [The Woodlands Villager] Photo: Alpha & Omega Services

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  • I’m a frequent shopper of both store and can honestly say I haven’t ever seen the mounted patrol st either location. Ever.

  • I’m not sure of statistics of the crime rates at Woodlands Mall. It probably is on the rise due to the fact, more and more people are Living in the area. Having the Mounted Patrol as Security measure, I think is helpful wether they are armed, or not. I dont think they should be let go.
    It will be just like any other Mall now.
    Disappointing News..

  • Sorry a little premature defending Woodlands Mall.
    Thoughts are the same for the stores that will be losing the MP.

  • Frankly it is reassuring to see troopers high up on horses. You can see so much more much on a horse.

  • so the mounted patrols are… basically mobile Emergency Alert poles, but with associated mess. Got it.