This Weekend: Your Final Chance To Decide on the Winners of the Swamplot Awards

Swamplot is off for Christmas. We hope all of you enjoy your holiday! And you probably already know the little gift we’re giving you: A chance to choose the winners of the year’s Swamplot Awards for Houston Real Estate. This year we’ve got exactly umpteen nominees competing in 9 delicious award categories. Namely:

(You can get to all these categories from this single page if you prefer.) Cast your vote in any of these contests by adding a comment to the appropriate post. Or just send us an email with your choices! If you send us a vote from Twitter, it counts extra! And if you really want to round up votes for a favorite candidate, encourage your friends to participate! Just make sure you’re following the official voting rules.

The polls close for all categories at 5 pm this Monday, December 28th. Have fun deciding!