Torchy’s Tacos Come to Cinco Ranch; The Montrose Rollerblade Dancer’s TV Debut

galveston seawall

Photo of seawall: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I used Uber on 4 occasions last weekend at the height of FPSF, and all 4 times the driver arrived when the app said he would, they were all courteous and the cars were clean. This couldn’t be any easier, Uber really took the friction out of booking AND paying for a ride. I will never go back to a dirty YellowCab, with their surly drivers that complain about how you pay if you dare whip out a card. YellowCab and can’t be bothered to show up on time, if at all regardless of using the app or their call center. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Re: the Uber vs. taxi article, Uber drivers will at least use a GPS if they don’t know how to get to your destination. The majority of Houston taxi drivers I have had do not use GPS and instead ask me how to get to my destination. They don’t even know the downtown street grid, which should be Cabbie 101 here. I cannot imagine how frustrating that must be for visitors or those new to Houston. Taxis are a protected class of business, the least they could do is provide a good service.

  • ^^The Poop Deck. Fun bar!

  • F all cab drivers and their mothers too. I mean that.

  • I wish the best for Uber and Lyft. Competition is a good thing. Maybe it’ll make the cab drivers (and their companies) shape up.

  • Stay classy, Progg.

  • @ HeightsDR: Taxis, being a protected class of business, do not need to provide good service. Hence, there’s better be a damned good reason for protecting them. (There isn’t.)

  • I cab all of the time and 25% of the time they dont have a clue where you want to go 25% of the time they generally know were to go but not the best way. 25% they just blindly follow GPS and demand you give them a specific address. 25 actually know where you are going.