Trees for FM 1960; Stronger Bollards for Strip Centers; 2 New Multiplexes for Houston

Photo of KPRC offices, 8181 Southwest Fwy.: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • People still go to Movie Theaters? With On Demand and a cracked Amazon Fire Stick I can watch any movie ever made, even ones in theaters now, at high quality any time. It also helps avoiding sticky floors, suspiciously moist seats, and loud spectators.

  • The Bender’s Landing story is the reason why I think people who complain about the historic district restrictions in a few areas of the Heights means giving up their “freedom” are just whiners. So many of the suburban “nice” neighborhoods around Houston have HOA restrictions on how tall your fence can be, what color your house can be painted, where you can put a flagpole, what you can plant in the front yard, well, you get the point…

  • “Cypress Creek Parkway” gives us another linguistic litmus test to distinguish area newcomers from longtime residents who will never call that road anything other than “1960.”

  • Correction: trees to hide the abandoned shopping centers.

  • @commonsense: Yep, people still go to movie theaters. I frequently go to the Alamo Drafthouse in Katy. Good beer, good food, no texting, no talking, great films, bright projectors. I enjoy it more than sitting at home on the couch.

  • @Slugline – I remember when I moved to Houston in early 1990, Westheimer used to be called FM 1093 starting at about Galleria going west. Then there was an effort to downplay the FM# not long after I moved here. Now no one calls it FM 1093.

  • Trees are nature’s bollards.

  • Cypress Creek Parkway: lipstick, pig.

  • @HouCynic .. I got here a LOT earlier and while there were a few signs stating it was a FM road, absolutely no one called it anything but Westheimer all the way out past the reservoir. I think you were a total outsider who didn’t know better or now somehow trying to make an argument of a non-event.

  • @ShadyHeightster, the HOA restrictions were not imposed after the fact on unwilling homeowners using the police power of the City of Houston. The homeowners in the article agreed to the very restrictions they are fighting when they bought the property subject to the deed restrictions that were disclosed to them.

  • @commonsense: “I don’t” is not the same thing as “no one does” and one data point never defines a trend on its own. In other news, the sky is blue.

  • @ Shady Heightster, I don’t want an HOA telling me whether I can have a fence or how many trees I can plant in my yard either WHICH is why I choose not to live in a community with an HOA. Anyone that does make that choice knows what the rules are beforehand, and should be prepared to live with them.

    @commonsense, you forgot one more great reason to watch movies at home–it lowers your odds of getting picked off by some lunatic with a gun.