Uber Now Charging for Rides, Will ‘Stand By’ Drivers Who Get Tickets; Townhome Art Pop Quiz

we heart houston at i-10 and patterson

Photo of David Adickes’ sign near I-10 and Patterson: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • You should check out some guys story on HAIF about these hotels – I was literally dying laughing – can anyone post it here? HAIF is blocked at my work but swamplot is not.

  • Let me guess. We’ll have to try and pack our garbage and recyclables into one can getting picked up once a week? I think I see a tax hike veiled in reduced services once again under the Parker regime.

  • I have no dog in this fight with regards to uber and lyft, and have never used them, but I’m cheering for them 100%. Civil disobedience at its finest. A small battle in the war for freedom. If someone wants to pay someone else a few bucks to give them a ride, so be it. It’s none of the governments damn business.
    If the government wants to setup a system to license and qualify drivers (taxi) then so be it. Consumers will have the option to go the government approved route or the unregulated route.