Daily Demolition Report: Kickerillo Down

538 Kickerillo Dr., Nottingham Forest, Houston

Making room for Chelsea Montrose, and other lot-clearing pastimes.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 538 Kickerillo Dr.: HAR

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  • I’ve never been happier to see a demo like that house on Kickerillo. I see it as a pretty major handicap to tell people, “no, I wasn’t raised in a barn, but my house has the façade of one.”

  • There is only one mansion remaining on Chelsea Place …. does it still deserve to be labeled a “Historic District”?

  • Wow, that is awful. I bet the neighbors are thrilled to see it going away!

  • This is not the only “barn front” in the area – there is another one just south of Memorial on Wilcrest. Any others come to mind?

  • When do they start moving the horses out?

  • @WR-the loss of historic architecture does not mean that the area is no longer historic; however, signs could be posted that say something to the effect of, “this historica area used to contain significant architecture that was so undervalued that it was demolished to make way for new, soon to be historic architecture.”

  • The “barn house” on Wilcrest just south of Memorial Dr. has a beautiful interior. Extra rooms downstairs and a great side yard off of the driveway.