Former Country Kitchen Spot Near Timbergrove Almost Ready for New Gig as Warehouse Bar & Chill

Warehouse Bar & Chill, 3333 W. 11th St., Timbergrove Manor, Houston

From reader Jody Henry comes this pic of the newly transformed facade of the former Country Kitchen location on the western reaches of 11th St. near Seamist. The front patio is built out; burgers, salads, beers, and wings are waiting in the wings. Warehouse Bar & Chill is a week and a half away from opening at 3333 W. 11th St., according to the new establishment’s Facebook page.

Photo: Jody Henry

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  • Maybe someday we will get more resturants opening in Timbergrove/Shady Acres for grown-ups? One can only eat so many burgers and drink so many beers before one becomes a patient at MH Northwest for bariatric surgery. By the way, where is the “sports bar” component? I am glad to be having more dining choices in the west inner loop area though.

  • @sjh, build a restaurant in the midst of warehouses, and who’s going to go there? I suspect that the relatively-less-dense Timbergrove/Shady Acres area can’t support a more ‘grown-up’ restaurant as well as the more-dense Heights area to the east, or even the Garden Oaks area to the north. Both other areas are probably safer bets when siting your new culinary venture. A number of T/SA restaurants have short hours / open only 5 days a week.
    Though, it should be mentioned, that the T/SA neighborhoods are getting some new families, who would probably take more advantage of the area restaurants. Give it time, and I think more of those warehouses will eventually make way for more residential areas, thus bringing in more people. It’s probably a few years off, though.

  • Jonathan, there’s 2 new town home communities that just got their variances approved. One on 12th, one on Grovewood. Hines is also supposed to start their massive patio home community west of the railroad on Old Katy Road. And I saw a conceptual town home community on Minimax near 610 as well. I think the residential building is beginning to start. To me, this warehouse area is one of the ripest pieces of ITL still left for mass redevelopment.

  • Used to eat at breakfast the Country Kitchen all the time, was sad to see it close. No real breakfast places anymore just trendy “upscale” places. Waited 1/2 hour for breakfast at DownHouse last Saturday.