UH Files Law School Lawsuit; Another Original Ninfa’s in the Works


Photo: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Houston College of Law didn’t change their colors with the name announcement……let’s see if that even comes up IF this case gets to a courtroom.

  • My house in Westbury has access to restaurants, retail and art because I have a car. I don’t see a bunch of people walking to Kata Robata.

  • Maybe Stickle should have gone with the “John Culberson School of Law”. I doubt “Madalyn Murray O’Hair School of Law” would have gone far with alumni. Maybe they could invoke Houston without using “Houston” in the name? Like “Bayou City Law School” or “Space City School of Law”. Maybe the key is to go with something cool that appeals to college grads, like “H-Town College of Law” or “Screwston Law School”, which would have a nice double entendre to it. Or just go face their main dilemma head on and call it the “Energy Capital College of Law” and ditch the trial lawyer emphasis and focus on training students to be more competitive in the O&G sector.

  • Can anyone with paywall access post some details about the Seawall garage? Location and size ideally, if it’s in the article.

  • Or… HIWI Law School – Houston Its Worth It Law School! Then they could play with the punctuation to achieve different goals. Houston, Its Worth It Law School says, Hey Houston, our law school is worth it.

  • I love it when lawyers sue other lawyers. It feels like some sort of karma working to balance out the universe.

  • Superdave–Joseph Kenyatta said, “When elephants fight it is the grass that suffers.” You might want to be aware of any fallout from the legals going after one another.

  • @barks – Now you have me intrigued. I want even more to witness legal Armaggedon. Legal nukes being lobbed back and forth, forever altering the future of torts and trials. The proverbial legal grass being rent asunder via elephant feet. Gimme!