Where Cloud 10 and All Those Extra Parking Spaces Will Fit Into Heights Mercantile

Rendering of Heights Mercantile Building 3, 3A

Experimental ice cream shop Cloud 10 Creamery looks to be collecting building permits for a space at 711 Heights Blvd., one of the 1920s bungalows prepping for a second career in retail (as shown above) as part of the Heights Mercantile development. The project, which straddles 7th St. and its bike trail companion between Yale St. and Heights Blvd., hit a potential snag last year when the city didn’t approve a variance request that would have lowered the number of required new parking spaces. But the updated site plan below shows the workaround — the Golden Eagle Binder & Tab Co.’s former spots at 717 and 724 Heights, which were purchased by the developers last May, are depicted as additional parking lots:



Renderings of the project’s 5-and-a-half numbered buildings have been updated as well, and a few hints about other tenants are scattered through the complex’s leasing fliers. Finial’s marketing materials now mention a “casual organic restaurant” and a “studio fitness operator” as anchor tenants for 2-story Building 4, planned for the Yale St. space that one of the former Pappas warehouses vacated earlier this year:

Rendering of Heights Mercantile Building 4

The house at the 711 Heights address where Cloud 10’s permits have been issued is labeled by developer Finial Group as Building 3. The original structure is getting an additional retail space tacked on to the back; the creamery’s permits were issued for 711 Heights Blvd. A, but it’s not clear whether that A indicates the house or the addition. Here’s the floor plan, oriented with Heights Blvd. to the right and parking spaces to the bottom:

Heights Mercantile Buildings 3, 3A, 5

The language used in the flier for Building 1, at the southeast corner of 7th and Yale, also suggests that a specific restaurant tenant has been picked to move in — or at least that the developers have high aspirations for the spot, which they say will be occupied by “one of Houston’s most acclaimed restaurateurs.”  Here’s a rendering of the structure from the corner of Yale and 7th: 

Rendering of Heights Mercantile Building 1

Heights Mercantile Building 1Building 2 appears to be slated mostly for retail — here’s the view looking south from 7th St.:

Rendering of Heights Mercantile Building 2

7th at Yale

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  • This looks great. Glad they were able to solve the parking issues.
    The existing on-street head-in parking along 7th remains and will be a bonus.
    Good job and should be a wonderful addition to the neighborhood.

  • Fantastic! A great addition to the neighborhood.

  • To the “oh no, strangers might park on my street” crowd: Congratulations on your new surface parking lot on Heights Blvd.

  • I have been told by an “in the know” individual that one of the restaurants will be Local Foods.

  • Oh, and the “studio fitness operator” is DEFINE.

  • glorified strip mall.

  • Just stay off the bike path, ice cream eaters.

  • Just what the Heights neeeded!!! Another ice cream shop!!! Woohoo!!!

    Fat Cat
    Rita’s Italian Ice
    Cherrie Berry by Kroger on 11th
    Maryam’s Cafe

    Sigh. . . . . .

  • Realtor/developer spin is truly an exercise in the stretching of the English language and obfuscation of inconvenient facts.

  • Why would a restaurant owner plan for an establishment in the dry area when they know the residents already denied the parking and nearby Gelazzi’s TABC license? Seems like a waste of money. Aren’t there safer investments north of 20th or along Studemont?

  • Went to cloud 10 creamery tonight. Very disappointed. Nice handicapped parking spots but no ramp to get in store. Had to send my son in and order blind for me. Weird flavors and toppings and expensive. Prefer a better creamery in the heights. Especially turned off by not being able to get in store. Is that ADA approved?