Comment of the Day: How To Cut the Cost of the Free Astrodome Misconception

COMMENT OF THE DAY: HOW TO CUT THE COST OF THE FREE ASTRODOME MISCONCEPTION Illustration of Astrodome Ballot“No one voted to tear [the Astrodome] down. We voted not to spend money to refurbish it. Big difference. The only way forward is a multi-option vote: Tear it down, fix it up, or keep paying to do neither. Spell out the costs of each, so voters won’t assume doing nothing is free.” [Memebag, commenting on Count Wants To Fill In the Astrodome’s Flood Levels with Parking; previously on Swamplot] Illustration: Lulu

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  • This is a county boondoggle. There is no real plan and they no it. They’re just trying to stall and hope that everyone forgets its there. They haven’t come up with one viable solution that doesn’t sound stupid or a waste of taxpayers dollars that could be used for so many other more important things. Tear it down and move on.
    It was built to be a stadium. None of the other ideas even make any sense. Ed needs to stop wasting his time on this and get on to more important things!

  • Wouldn’t there only need to be a vote if bonds are used on the Astrodome? If the county commissioners want to spend $105M of money they already have on the building then that’s OK; no vote needed. I’m looking forward to seeing the renovated Dome!

  • Minor correction to original comment…”We voted not to spend money to refurbish it….[into an unnecessary, silly and unfeasible pet project of the county Commissioner, who from the outset schemed to push his convention center through at all costs, using fraudulent financial data and a highly-spun PR campaign that twisted the truth].”

    I would have supported other refurbishment ideas, and would gladly vote otherwise next time, if there were one put on the table. Eiffel tower included.

  • Final Suggestion:
    1) Demolish Astrodome
    2) Chop up steel; Set aside
    3) Install new concrete parking lot, striped alternately orange and yellow and white
    4) Trench a 10″ wide continuous footprint of ‘Dome; liberally pour steel bits in, until full
    5) Topcoat with a durable resin6
    6) Install signage referring to the Eighth Wonder of the World