Verses of the Day: Abandoned, Rotting, Renewed

VERSES OF THE DAY: ABANDONED, ROTTING, RENEWED “Bereft of care and dignity in their old age, they take up too much space/land, they shelter vermin/cancer, and their bones have weakened. Rest in pieces, nothing reclaimed, forgotten.” [Darby Mom], “A pathetic sight that’s not so rare Heaps of garbage everywhere Lead, asbestos, junk hardware Neighbors are a true nightmare” [commonsense], and “It seems a silliness to mourn The past’s detritus, junk like this — To think of years a house has seen, Compared to what its present is. – Yet somehow I long to restore The leaning pillars, rotting wood, To shore beneath a sagging floor, To think that all that can be, could. – It’s not to be, this will be razed, Built up again in fashion new, O Soul, someday your turn will come, To be rebuilt — plumb, level, true.” [Practically_Yours, all commenting on Daily Demolition Report: Tulane Highway]