Voters Approve Katy ISD, Lone Star Bonds; Axing Its Houston Association

Hermann Park Centennial Gardens

Photo of Hermann Park Centennial Gardens: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Hooray for Katy and their new debt football stadium!

  • Football is more important than education in Texas

  • HAR is one of the best real estate websites out there for the Houston area. I’ll use zillow, point2homes, and craigslist all for their specific niches (sometimes redfin too) but I do a lot of prelim screening through HAR.

  • Love that they saved the pagoda in Hermann Park and made it blend more into the garden. The place is really gorgeous these days – is turning into a world class gem.

  • Love the rooftop photographs, and really cool to see the “official” versions of some of the “chopped and screwed” photos on IG. Beautiful!

  • Football is more important than education in Texas.

    Keep it going.

  • Spending money on X doesn’t mean “X is more important than Y”. I’m sure Katy spends plenty on education. And since education is funded from property taxes, it seems a bond to build a new stadium would be the way to do it.
    And really, with the cost of debt today, now is the time to do a large capital project.

  • @ Cody: If the low cost of debt rationalizes a public project that is funded by property taxes, but the value of properties is a function of the cost of debt, how does that work out?

    My hypothesis: the consumer is too ignorant of finance to understand how screwed they’ll be, meaning home prices won’t decline as much as they should if the cost of debt increases and the school district will be more or less fiscally sound. No complaints will be made, though they should be. This issue will be neatly swept under the rug.