Wanted: Neighborhood Guessing Game Prize Sponsors

As many of you know, the winner of Swamplot’s weekly Neighborhood Guessing Game now wins . . . an actual prize. By special arrangement with the Rice Design Alliance, a couple of one-year individual RDA memberships have already been awarded to game winners. After this week, there’ll be 2 more memberships to give away.

Which leaves a fantastic opportunity for certain local enterprises. If you run a small business that would appreciate attention from Swamplot’s audience, why not sponsor an award? It could be a great way to get the name of your establishment in front of the crowds of Houston real estate obsessives who carefully analyze all those Swamplot pixels each week. If you run a local organization, why not publicize it here by offering a membership? And if you’re just a self-promoter without an obvious bauble to dispense, drop us a line — we’ve got lots of . . . uh, prize-winning ideas.

If you know of any companies or organizations that might be interested in sponsoring any of our Neighborhood Guessing Games, have them contact Swamplot at the address shown on this page — which also conveniently points to detailed information about advertising on this site.

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