Was Hurricane Ike Worth It?

ttweak, the usually lower-cased folks behind the Houston It’s Worth It campaign, are hoping to put together a sequel to 2007’s HIWI: The Book, a breakthrough publishing event in the urban resignation genre. The subject of the new group project? Hurricane Ike.

Why bother?

Obviously this subject is still an open wound for many of our neighbors and we don’t want to be insensitive to those who still have a road of recovery ahead. Rather, we want highlight the camaraderie and support brought about in the storm’s aftermath – refrigerator cookouts/recipes, extension cord jungles, neighborhood cleanups. Tell us your stories or poems, dig up a “day ten without power” journal entry, find that song you penned by candlelight and of course, send us your photographs (even those taken on your iPhone or BlackBerry); if you made a hurricane song playlist, go ahead and send that too.

The HIWI: Ike upload page is waiting!

3 Comment

  • This is the kind of positive local boosterism i like.

  • as someone who lost their entire home to ike, it’s nice to lose myself in those halcyon days after the storm–before our lives became consumed by hours-long calls to insurance, mortgage, and utility companies–and imagine past all of this and think about how i will think one day: ike was worth it.

  • Camella, I sincerely wish for you a speedy resolution to your tragedy.