Wastewater for Cinco Ranch Gardens; Mattress Mack’s Solid Oil Bet

Houston Ship Channel Loop 610 Bridge, Houston

Photo of Sidney Sherman Bridge on Loop 610 over Houston Ship Channel: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Looks like Mattress Mack is trying to win back the money he lost on that Super Bowl bet.

  • I remember when Cinco Ranch was a bunch of rice paddies. It sure didn’t need irrigation then.

  • The Memorial-area residents represent the right kind of thinking here. Obviously, driving is the only way to get to the park and the only way anyone would ever want to get to the park. Adding more amenities is just going to add more cars. There’s no possible way to avoid that. Furthermore, these residents have a right to control how the streets around them are used. These publicly funded streets should only be usable by the residents and their friends. It horrifies me to imagine random people walking in front of my house. That’s not why I moved into the city!

  • Memorial Park upgrades: more NIMBY bawwwing. “We want the city/taxpayers to pay for all these awesome amenities, but we’ll be damned if people other than us are allowed to use it.” What else is new in Houston?

  • what exactly did crestwood homeowners expect when they purchased a home that fronts one of the largest greenspaces in a car-centric city? i understand they want the bucolic scene without the muss and fuss of people actually using the space, but seriously. sorry guys, no sympathy here.

  • Jesus Christ could come down from heaven and start healing the sick right now and the only thing that the local news would report on is the people who complained about the increased traffic in their neighborhood.

    Female talking head: “Some call him the Christ and others the Messiah. Jesus Christ appeared today in the Houston area city of Bellaire to heal the sick and wounded. Shocked onlookers could only describe the event as a holy miracle.
    Guy with nice hair: “That’s right Judy. However, there’s quite a few local residents that feel its less of a holy miracle and more like a holy TERROR. Many Bellaire residents feel that while Jesus might be helping some, he is in fact harming their way of life. Cynthia Delarosa-Hernandez has the story…..”