Daily Demolition Report: Billings Down

1426 Billings Dr., Western Oaks, Houston

These houses are dropping like flies.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 1426 Billings Dr.: HAR

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  • Ohh, I always wanted to live in one of those apts in that house on Autrey. Or at least see inside.

  • 1010 Autrey…a friend lived there for years, many years ago. It was carved up into apartments. Friend’s apartment was on the ground floor running from the front to the rear of the building. It had very high ceilings and tall windows. I seem to remember the kitchen entry off the living room was under the stair that led to the upper floor, so a little awareness of the sloped ceiling was in order.

  • 4809 Hummingbird is like 30 seconds from where I grew up. Hate to see this happening in the wonderful old neighborhood of Willowbrook.

  • I’m curious about the Hummingbird house because I don’t recall it being for sale. I drive that block several times a week, and there are two others in that same stretch that have been on and off the market since last fall — one ranch and one a newish build — but not that one, and HCAD/HAR don’t show a sale. I wonder if this is another case of a current owner tearing down to rebuild on their lot.

    Dan — we’ve not had the waves of demos that have befallen West U/Bellaire/Linkwood (very thankfully) but there have been a handful here and there — one new build currently wrapping further down Hummingbird + a couple at either end of Briarbend. We mostly seen a recent uptick in flips/renos, so there’s still an appreciation for the bones some of these houses have.