Wharton Elementary Land Rush: Not Yet

WHARTON ELEMENTARY LAND RUSH: NOT YET The school will be removed from the latest list of HISD school closures. “The charming 85-year-old school sits — unfortunately for its future — near the corner of West Gray and Waugh, a commercially valuable site in Montrose. Think cookie-cutter townhome/condos with some yuppified street-level retail, which is precisely what that area of town needs, if you think that area of town should continue its rapid descent into hellish mediocrity. HISD superintendent Abe Saavedra has been dickering back and forth on the school’s future, part of a larger plan to consolidate schools with low enrollments.” [Hair Balls]

One Comment

  • I know (or knew) the principal of that school.

    It’s a really pretty campus. To me, if there were buildings to be considered saving for historic purposes, this one ranks extremely higher than that theater on West Gray.