What To Eat at United’s Terminal C North Concourse; Texas Handgun Carriers by the Numbers


Photo of Lynn Park: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I can’t believe these school parents have this much time to waste and are taking it this far. Granted I was publicly educated in Pasadena so am no intellectual, but I don’t recall ever hearing the name Sydney Lanier until I moved to the Montrose area.

    Teaching kids the meaning of ‘guilt by association’ and how damaging a stereotype it can be is a lot more meaningful than teaching kids how to waste even more of a public schools money on frivolous lawsuits against that of good intentions, even if slightly morphed from those original intentions to include all confederates.

    I’d feel a bit different if this was a unanimous decision being made by the students but unfortunately Lanier has a very small african american student body rendering any such vote nonconclusive. As it stands now though, montrose area schools are not very inclusive for african americans and don’t see why we should take up arms and fight against decisions being made with the intnetion to encourage more inclusivity and diversity in our schools. That being said, I’d highly recommend Macgregor for those interested in more diverse schools than those found in the trose. Still need to push them into Lanier after that though.

  • I’ve walked through that $43 mln house during it’s construction. The story goes that it was way behind schedule and way over budget with several builder changes mid stream. But the thing that bothered me is with this much marble facade inside and out why build it with regular wood frame, why not spring for steel or tilt wall? It would almost be unnoticed in the budget of that magnitude.

    This whole school renaming malarkey is out of hand. The people who want to rename them are really grasping at straws for the reasons why. A similarly thin case can be made that MLK street should be renamed because MLK was a known associate for hard core communists.

  • A botanical garden would be nice, but does Houston really need a conservatory? When I visit conservatories up north, I just think, “OMG it feels like Houston in here, get me the hell out!”

  • I can’t even look at those slideshows of homes over 1 million anymore. Why do all of the interiors look the same? White House circa 1889? Why are Texans so scared of minimalism? Contemporary? What happened to design? Just because something is the most expensive option, doesn’t mean it’s a good one. Blue antique chairs with pink marble? Embarrassing.

  • Re: 1M Texans licensed to carry handguns
    At first, that seems like a big number but, since Texas has roughly 26 million people, that’s less than 4%. No big whoop. I’m thinking that maybe I’ll join in and get my license.