Where People Moving To Houston Are Moving; The Great Galveston Seaweed Invasion of 2014 Rages On

GRB Service On Ramp Demo

Photo of George R. Brown service on-ramp demo: Alec Lasar via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • LEAVE THE SEAWEED! It’s there for a reason! Evita la erosion!

  • City Council Delays Vote on Regulations for Services Like Uber, Lyft Until July 30 Yellow Cab Campaign donations sufficiently mollified.


  • I always wondered about that GRB freeway style ramp. Was it really necessary? It appears not, since they are now demolishing it. So that begs the question – how much did it cost taxpayers to build it, and to tear it down? I have a hunch we got screwed on that one.

  • They actually seem to be building a new one from a different angle. It may have been necessary due to the light rail going in on Capitol St there.

  • Re: new ramp. More pics Alec Lasar, or it isn’t happening…