Why Stacked Wall Portions of 3 Demolished Houses Are Gathering in a Montrose Art Gallery

Detail from Installation at Texas Artist of the Year Exhibition, Havel Ruck Projects

Sawzall-wielding housecutters Dan Havel and Dean Ruck have been carving up 3 condemned homes (from Midtown, the Museum District, and the Third Ward) to gather the raw materials for their latest exhibition, which opens tomorrow in the Art League of Houston gallery, on the occasion of their being declared the Art League’s “Texas Artists of the Year.” Collected wall parts will be stacked in a “bowl-like structure” in the complex’s main gallery (see photo above).


To fund their dusty demo and reconstruction work on this project, the artists have been fundraising on Indiegogo:

The campaign will continue for a couple of weeks after the opening, but so far they’ve raised about 45 percent of the $15,000 they’re aiming for to recoup exhibition costs.

Havel and Ruck are best known for the temporary sculpture called Inversion they created 9 years ago out of 2 former Art League bungalows on the same 1953 Montrose Blvd. site, memorialized (until recently) by photographic window stickers on the Inversion Coffee House that went up in its place.

Photo and video: Havel Ruck Projects

Havel Ruck Projects