Will Late Nite Pie Rise Again?

Update, 12/22: Late Nite Pie has reopened!

It looks like there’s been another shut-down at Late Nite Pie in Midtown. As first noted by the Houston Press late yesterday, the entrance to the pizza joint has been boarded up, with a stern-sounding note warning off trespassers and indicating the locks have been changed. The person listed as a contact on the note (presumably from the property’s landlord) would not comment on the situation. It may be a bit early to count Late Night out, though: Bell’s restaurant was able to start up again after a similar shuttering last year. The restaurant moved to its current location at 302 Tuam (on the corner of Baldwin) in 2008.

Photo: Aaron Carpenter

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  • They never seemed to have any steady traffic in that location, which is a shame b/c it’s the closest you can get to real pizza in Houston….though after the crappy service I had last time, I haven’t been back.

  • Let’s hope it’s gone for good this time. World’s worst pizza.

  • Right, because the Tejano whorehouse that was there before is waaay better for Houston. I sure hope the landlord has a good memory and made every effort before resorting to the lock-out.

    When I lived near this location I frequented it as often as possible. They did a good job and they at least tried, which is a lot better than most (I’m looking at you Ziggy).

  • Well what moved into the other location (St. Danes) ended up being way better than Late Night Pie, so maybe what takes the place of L.N.P 2 will be better yet again.
    I’m happy that St. Danes moved in. Not the best place in the world but good enough and about a 40 second walk from my house.

  • Not a huge loss.

    They should probably keep it shuttered for good. The pizza is sub-par barf-tastic at best.

  • My band plays there. The place gets packed around midnight. The pizza is good and the beer is cheap. What more can you ask for?

  • A few weak and seriously misguided commenters here. Late Night Pie has great pizza as anyone who has tried the Bossman will tell you. The service is awful but unfortunately, it’s part of their “style”. Where else are you going to get pizza at 2am on a weeknight? And where else do you get a dipping sauce of real butter and roasted garlic….certainly not Papa Johns or Dominos.

    The original location was much better and anyone who thinks Saint Danes is a good replacement is seriously out of whack.

    I didn’t know it was a whorehouse prior to becoming LNP. I wish somehow we could combine the two….it would be the hottest 2am spot in Houston.

  • The service is what it is: crappy. They should put a sign up that says “our ‘style’ – is bad service”.

    I guess getting locked out of their own resturant is part of their “style” too.

    The pizza is ok. Definitely not great. On the weekends I think Frank’s has a better 2:00am pie.

  • forgettable pizza, mediocre service, awful clientele (sup peasants). their saving grace was the original location and the hours, once they moved two blocks away i didn’t bother going anymore.

  • Oh man, I totally reported this on Monday night…was hoping it would be temporary.

  • Late Nite Pie had terrible pizza. The crust was flavorless and bland, the cheese was non-existent and in the rare case they did it right, it was so greasy you could lube an 18 wheeler with it.

    Being available late at night does not a good pizza make.

    There is a reason it only made money after midnight…drunk people don’t know what tastes good.

    Bambolino’s has good pizza here in town, though not great. Ponzo’s is another that is pretty good. Their pepperoni rolls are amazing as are their meatball sandwiches.

    If a new Late Nite Pie wants to succeed, they need to be flanked on all corners by bars. Drunks stumbling out of bars and clubs is their core market.

  • Inevitable that the place wasn’t going to make it on pizza alone, especially with Pink’s, Gotham Pizza, Biba’s and Russo’s so close. Too bad there wasn’t enough bar traffic to keep the place liquid, the back patio was cool.

  • What do you expect, the poor shmucks who stood by them and didnt quit even when they never got paid on time, will never be able to get what is owed to,them.

  • Absolutely average pizza at the very best. And that’s being generous.

    If I was wasted at 2am, I might be happy with a $20 medium pizza. MAYBE. Chances are I’d be asleep before I got it with their horrible service though.

  • It’s open again.

  • From Dan:
    It’s open again.

    Yes it has risen once more. Unlike its tacky pizza dough.