YES Prep’s Adaptive Reuse Record; Houston Zoo’s Gorilla Street Art


Photo: Jackson Myers via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • The Wall St Journal recently ran an article about declining student attendance at college football games. UH was one of the lowest of the 50 schools examined, something like 5,000 per game. To get more use out of the damned stadium, it’s planned to have university-wide commencement outside in mid-May at 7PM so participants can get all hot and sweaty in dark robes listening to Matthew McConnaughey. The problem with using HEAF money on the project was apparent long ago, and must have slipped through a crack. I’m sorry to hear that events are being run so badly, and I do wish that permanent TDCEU, er TCDEA, no, TECDU, dammit, TDECU (whew) signage would go up in place of flapping fabrics.

  • I almost got excited to see Houston’s 15th spot for getting around without a car. However, regarding Houston Bike Share, Downtown, Montrose, Heights, and Museum District (see a trend here?) doesn’t necessarily reflect the whole of Houston. The only reason why 3rd Ward has a station is because of Project Row House and the only reason why there is a station east of 45 North is because of the soon-to-be gentrified “North Side Village”. It seems like those who need the service most are those who do not have access.

    It’s just very frustrating to see a very large group of people constantly left out of the equation of publications and websites, regarding living standards.

    Do let me know if I’m wrong, though.

  • Hey, remember when we used to build schools that were architecturally appealing, provided students with a sense of dignity, and provided communities with a sense of pride?

    Now we build windowless concrete block proto-prisons for the majority of kids while a select few get to go to HSPVA’s fancy new piece of starchitecture downtown.

    YES Prep is built on abandoned suburban boxes where we shove all of the remaining poor kids — refugees from de-funded HISD schools.

    Houston is the epicenter of the movement to de-fund public schools, drive them to failure, and let the corporate schools take over and cash in. School architecture is a reflection of our priorities.

  • @Carpetbagger: “Hey, remember when we used to build schools that were architecturally appealing…”
    No. I started school in 1970 and all of the schools I went to were designed and built by the same companies that build our prisons. None of them had windows and they were all easy to clean.

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