32 of 77 Houston Area Radio Shacks Are on the Closure List Already

32 OF 77 HOUSTON AREA RADIO SHACKS ARE ON THE CLOSURE LIST ALREADY Radio Shack, 4367 Kingwood Dr., Kingwood, HoustonWill that Radio Shack near you be closing, now that the electronics chain has declared bankruptcy? Probably. Of its 4,000 U.S. stores, up to 1,750 appear to be slated to become locations for mobile phone company Sprint. Separately, Radio Shack released on its website a list of 1,784 “potential store closures” — without noting explicitly if the identified locations, listed in 3 separate tranches, were headed for rebranding or outright shuttering. 32 of those stores are in the Houston area. [Quartz; list] Photo of Radio Shack at 4367 Kingwood Dr. (not on the closure list): Ms. Ruby O

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  • Where will we buy our thinga-ma-jigs?

  • radio shack is close to my heart…..my old montrose store and the memorial and dairy ashford store………….

  • Future mattress store locations.

  • Awesome local reporting! As soon as you get rid of buffoonery advertising by “Links by Taboola” I will take you seriously again.

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  • I know, seriously, who still looks at ads, I haven’t seen ads in years since AdBlock and other plugins came out.

  • Your loss. You’re missing out on “little known ways to pay off mortgage” and “these 31 builder mistakes will leave you….”
    Honestly sometimes I want to follow the links just to see what the “scam” is. I assume for the most part they want you to click to their site to see more ads, where you click to other click bait sites, more ads, etc. So a circle jerk of click fest vs a scam to buy something