Your Last Chance To Vote in the Swamplot Awards for Houston Real Estate

There are still a few good voting hours left in the Swamplot Awards for Houston Real Estate. But the polls close at midnight tonight!

A few of the categories are being very hotly contested. Round up like-minded real-estate-fan friends and help sway the results! You can find details on the categories and voting in this post below.

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  • For neighborhood of the year: Southampton

    For best project cancellation or delay: Ashby high rise

    For the same reason: Southampton and the various contingent smaller neighborhoods are unique in Houston, in that they are true neighborhoods touching the inner city. With modest to larger homes, quiet tree-lined streets, children on bikes, older walkers, neighbors visiting, and dog-walkers, its entire environment would be permanently impaired by the looming Ashby high rise project. The traffic created would destroy the uniqeness of this Houston neighborhood jewel.

  • Thanks to no zoning, Houston has precious few historic, unique neighborhoods. Boulevard Oaks is one. And now comes Ashby Highrise to trash it with a 23-story highrise and all the noise, traffic and congestion it would introduce to these peaceful, tree-lined streets. They’d trash the very uniqueness that probably attracted them in the first place.

  • I vote for Southampton

  • @Earle, Kristi, Barbara, and Tom: This is not the ballot. Please add your votes to the posts that announce the official nominees for the categories you are voting in — or send them to Swamplot in a private email. You can find links to the correct posts here.