20 Percent Off All OfficeMax and Office Depot Locations

20 PERCENT OFF ALL OFFICEMAX AND OFFICE DEPOT LOCATIONS Office Depot, 3443 Kirby Dr. at Richmond, Upper Kirby, HoustonA total 400 OfficeMax and Office Depot stores will shut down nationwide150 of them by the end of the year, the combined company announced today. Office Depot bought OfficeMax last year, resulting in a dual-named office-products giant with 1,900 locations. No specific closings have been announced yet for this round; the Houston area still has 28 Office Depots and 10 OfficeMaxes, according to website store locators. Earlier this year, Staples announced it would close 225 stores; it’s now down from 11 to 9 Houston-area spots. [AP; previously on Swamplot] Photo of 3443 Kirby Dr. location: Douglas W.

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  • Maybe, just maybe, the NE corner of Richmond and Kirby is one step closer to becoming redeveloped into something less suburban and more urban like the rest of the Richmond and Kirby corridors in Upper Kirby are heading.

  • @JT100 – One can only hope! I’d like to see that corner become something denser than a strip mall.

  • The one picture is the one I used to frequent. It’s been there quite a while (I remember buying floppy disk and dot matrix printer ribbon…). It was a great place to park and sneak over to the VW/Audi dealer across Richmond to dream about replacing my beater. Now that Audi as moved to their new location at Sheppard and 59, I have to make two trips now…

  • That location (pic) is where I bought my HP touchpad when they fire sold them.

  • Lhd: cool it’s for sale. All the armchair architects can build what they say Houston is missing! :)

  • Perish the thought of elbow room. It is socially irresponsible to not be sitting underneath the snoot of your neighbor at all moments. If a single cubic foot of space goes unfilled in the city, then you, by living in that city, are a bad environmentalist. Also, you suddenly have no culture at all – none.

  • nooooo! don’t you dare tear down my luna pizzeria!

  • @JT

    As long as they keep the Little Pappasitos in its current form. IDK why, but I always like the fact that they never got rid of the Gas station canopy on the comer.
    Is is a great use of land? No. Is Pappasitos even that good? Not really when you compare it to the inner loop Mexican offerings.
    Can’t explain it. Richmond and Kirby just wouldn’t be the same w/ out it.