28 New Grocery Stores Opening in Houston This Year; The Horrors of Hotel 31

wortham park

Photo of Wortham Park: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Still wont see a new grocery store on the east end until 2015. :(

  • Awesome about the Corner Bakery, they rock

  • @Mr Clean: what grocery store is opening in 2015 in the East End??

  • Wait – what -?? How can a grocery store open with out a 380 handout from the Mayor? Or are there going to be 28 new 380’s too?

  • And how many grocery stores will shut down in that same amount of time? Net change is all that really matters.

  • It just shows that HEB, etc doesn’t see the market worthy of a store, believe me they’ve don’t their research. Be happy with the ghetto Kroger on Cullen–geez what a shit store that is, I’ve been in there twice and both times the cops were arresting someone in the parking lot

  • Just ment to say that there are no new stores right now. Frank Liu is starting to build homes in large quantities in the 5th ward. Should be about 500-600 homes in the next 2.5 years. Some type of grocery store will pop up in 2015 or 2016 on the north side of the east end. I just hope its not a fiesta or Joe Vs.

  • Disappointment by the article in CE, just a lot of fluff.

  • MrClean: Who is Frank Liu and do you know where these properties are going? The land out there is near free given how close it is to downtown. I ask where all this is going as we still have a lot of apartments out there. We bought them betting the area would turn around at some point. Right now they just kinda sit there (we don’t aggressively try to fill them but they’re “full enough”). I’ve thought about selling them and buying further south like the areas just east of 288.

    Who knows… It’s all a gamble : )

  • Frank Liu is a developer – Intown Homes. He got one of the first 380’s for a townhome development – no idea if the project was completed and if anything has been paid on it. Another bad example of the city’s inability to understand that housing and retail do not drive the economy, they are driven by the economy.

  • Two seperate development by lovette homes out in the 5th. 1st is a group of about 200 cottage style homes between I-10/Lyons avenue and the other around Waco St. and South of I-10. It is a welcome improvement to what is already there. This should start construction in the next 6 months. The next Development willl be the MDI lot on the 36 acres between binghurst and Waco north of clinton and south of I-10. This will be approx 300 to 400 homes with mixed income and some multifamily. This will start about in 18 months once Frank completes his other projects. Urban living is also buying land like crazy in the bottom of the 5th ward and hopefully will start developing soon. Urban Lofts is currently developing on the south side of Sweeney park.

  • Mr.Clean: Ah, my stuff is more “north” 5th ward, closer to the Kashmire Gardens area. I don’t visit that place often, but when I do I think two things:

    1) omg this area is SOO close to freeways and downtown, it has to be developed any day now.
    2) omg this area is such garbage, it’s going to be a while before it cleans up

  • I wonder if the East End will ever see an HEB

  • 5th ward is broken into 3 very different parts. South of i-10 is already 80% redeveloped with a majority of the open land bought up by Urban Living, Urban Lofts and Lovette Homes. Between i-10 and the rail road tracks is tons of open lots with a $30 million redevelopment project underway for Lyons Avenue. Developers are snatching this up in large sections already and with Frank Liu’s new homes, it should remove a lot of the blight. North of the railroad tracks is 20+ years away from redevelopment.

  • Mr.Clean19: Thanks for the good info!. So if you use Lockwood Dr. as the sort-of East border, and 59 as the West border, and the Bayou (?) as the South border and Collingsworth as the North border you have the three sections as:
    South of 10 till the bayou
    North of 10 till the tracks
    North of tracks till Collingsworth
    It makes sense that as you go south, the land is going to be $ and it’s going to be turned around sooner. But beyond that, you guys (collective commentators) always seem to have a wealth of info about what’s going on.
    Our properties are north 5th ward, but were priced appropriately. Meaning, at some point something is so cheap that — “why not?”. And if I was told that it would be another 20 years before that area turned around, I’d believe it based on what I’ve seen (I don’t go out there often, but when I do it’s a bit depressing). However, even the worst areas of 5th ward or minutes from most major freeways and at most 3-4 miles from downtown and just east of neighborhoods-i-don’t-know-the-name-of-but-see-mentioned-all-the-time-here.
    With all the building going on in Houston, and that area being just about free in terms of large land acquisition, I’m surprised builders don’t push north more aggressively. It’s still in the loop and close to everything. Chicken and egg I guess.

  • Not a matter of developers pushing in as it is elected officials pushing back. The 5th ward district council is pushing hard on redevelopment but with low income rentals, low income shotgun style homes and mid-income market priced homes. Its frustrating as you say when you have such quick access to downtown and freeways and the city coucil pushes low income to a potential redevelopment area. IF the residents were forced out of their homes by raising taxes, i would understand the need, but this is all open land that will only bring more low income into the area and hurt gentrification. It angers me to see the city stepping in and redistributing the taxes to create another black hole of potential tax revenue rather than let the market determine how the area develops and bring in business.

  • Also, more good info for how the $30 million is being distributed in the TIRZ zones in 5th Ward