Daily Demolition Report: A Dollar Gained

1606 Marshall St., Montrose, Houston

Making a row on W. Main and other stirrings on Houston streets:


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Photo of 1606 Marshall St.: NuHabitat

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  • Too bad on this one pictured above. While I realize the land is valuable it is obvious the owners were proud of their home. Oh well … I guess it is “progress”

  • Wow. 715 Harvard (non-contributing 1975 house in Heights South HD) sold for $426,000 late last year. If it was bought as a tear-down, that’s >$64/s.f. This is a really nice part of the Heights, but that might be a new high-water mark for land values.

  • I’m curious what’s going on over ther ein the 1800 block of W. Main.

  • Yeah, I have stuff near that place on W Main (across the street actually) that’s about to go bye-bye soon. I hate to sell but keeping up with city demands is just too much in Montrose — esp for a small complex where you’re trying to keep rent reasonable. That was the property where I replaced an original window that literally fell right out of the wall soon after I bought the place. The next day an inspector noticed some trash from the cardboard that came with the new window. Saw that it was replaced w/o getting a permit first (this was before I knew I had to get permission to replace a window — much less one that fell out) and I got a ~$1000 fine.
    *throws in the towel*
    Good luck future Montrose renters looking for sub $1,000 1 beds.

  • Builders are doing 3500-4400 sq foot houses and asking 1.2-1.5 mil in the Heights for either new builds or renovation/additions. That kind of price per sq ft for land isn’t so shocking when put into the context of the eventual selling price of the finished product.

  • W Main is being torn down for “upscale” town homes. Not the Urbanliving style, being built on Colquit at Driscoll.

  • OldSchool,
    I have no evidence either way, but I had assumed this was not sold to a developer . At $1.25M for a 4000 s.f. house (the current going rate), there’s not much profit for a developer if they’ve paid >$400k for the land. Especially given that they’ll have to carry the note for a few extra months while they fight with the HAHC over the CoA.
    Also, it’s by no means a sure thing that HAHC will approve a 4000 s.f. house for a mid-block lot. Most of the larger houses in Heights South are non-contributing, and new-builds need to be size-compatible with “typical” contributing structures. Additionally, this lot has no alley access, so they’ll need to dedicate a chunk of the lot width for a driveway, as the HAHC probably won’t approve a port-cochere for this district. A 4000-s.f. house on this lot won’t leave very green space.

  • Hey Cody,

    Do you know when 1842 W MaIN will be going bye bye. Is the buyer the same people that bought the property across the street. I just need a heads up so I can start looking for a new rental. I don’t want to wait for the 30 day eviction notice.


  • Sarah: No idea. I’ll make sure the property manager for that property stays in contact as if/when it comes to the point we have a closing date set (vs. their looking) we’ll be trying to work with existing tenants. And I’m not an expert but I don’t think they can give you a 30 day NTV if you’re in a lease. Maybe they can if they plan on doing a demo. I dunno.
    Honestly I just couldn’t keep up with the demands of the city on that small property.

  • Angostura: it could always just be someone with bags of money who is willing to take a hit just to be able to build their dream home in the Heights. But, I doubt it because the builders almost always win the bidding wars. I think you are way overestimating the cost to build out as well as the cost of carry. Anyone doing a 1 mil+ home in Houston has to be ready to carry the land for a while as these homes do not move that fast. An extra few months to get HAHC approval isn’t keeping anyone away. You can get a big house approved if you are willing to give HAHC a pound of flesh on things like eave height and other front elevation issues. And lot line construction with no green space is the norm in new construction in Houston.

  • Cody, are you having any better luck with your complex on Hazard?

    Re. the 1840/1850 block of West Main, I love the eight little matching boxes. I’ll be sad when the first one falls.

    At least the new construction that will now be happening on both sides of Driscoll north of Colquitt will make that area look a bit less grim. I’m sick of seeing the empty lot being used as a dump. Not as sick as I am of having my apartment that’s 2 blocks away used as a dump, though. Littering is a crime that makes the entire community its victim.

  • Rodrigo: Yes, all is well at the Hazard&Richmond property.. Thanks for asking :)

  • @Old School, maybe in your neighborhood the $1+ million homes aren’t selling well, but in my Upper Kirby neighborhood, the teardowns are going for $400+K and the $1.2 million replacements are going sold before they’re even finished. There have been a couple on my block, a handful in the block to my west, and a couple in the block to the north, plus a bunch more that I probably haven’t noticed on my walks.