Brown Book Shop Plans To Stay Downtown for a While

BROWN BOOK SHOP PLANS TO STAY DOWNTOWN FOR A WHILE Brown Book Shop, 1517 San Jacinto St. at Leeland, Downtown HoustonSales declines at downtown mainstay Brown Book Shop had the owner within weeks of shutting down the oil-and-gas industry technical bookstore, the shop’s new owners tell the Chronicle‘s Erin Mulvaney. But a turnaround sparked by increased online sales have changed the outlook. Stephen Plumb and Noah Davis, hired last July as consultants by the previous owner, now plan to renew the lease at 1517 San Jacinto for another 5 years for their new acquisition, double the staff to 10 employees, and change the store’s focus to its website. They’re remodeling the building’s interior as well. [Houston Chronicle ($)] Photo: Brown Book Shop

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  • Im glad this place will stay open

  • Husband used to go there years ago but he always called it Brown Book Store. Now I see a 1946 photo on their site that does say SHOP.

    Glad it will be staying even though we no longer “shop” there.

  • Yikes another business that is fading into oblivion as technology advances. I hope they can reconfigure to stay alive.

  • In this electronic day and age, if you must have (or need) an actual technical book or textbook, there is no substitute for examining the hard copy before you buy. And by the way, such tomes tend to be expensive.

  • It’s Steven Plumb, not Stephen. (The Chronicle spelled it wrong.) Thanks to him and Noah Davis for sustaining the venerable Brown Book Shop.