Under the Painted Rafters of a Mildly Mangled Mangum Manor Midcentury Mod



There’s a gussied up front door and porch on the far side of this tilt-topped 1960 home in Mangum Manor, but it’s the unobtrusive side door off the double driveway that appears to be the main entry, dropping arrivals neatly between the living room and kitchen (top). The tidy midcentury property, sporting a new roof and a recent paint job, jumped into the MLS fray earlier today with a $229,990 asking price.




Wide passageways between living spaces show off rafters at various angles, clerestory windows of various heights, and floors finished in wood laminate and 2 types of tile:




Check out that Fido-friendly side door to the 2-car garage, where there’s a watchful eye (and nose) at ankle height:




The home, which measures 2,019 sq. ft., has 3 bedrooms. Here’s the cushy-carpeted master suite:



Both full bathrooms get Eisenhower period tile, but it’s not clear whether the highrise gas heaters still work:




A wide, deep patio squares off the back of the house, which sits on a 8,600-sq.-ft. lot:



Mangum Manor Park is steps away from the lot next door; that property is on a corner of Costa Rica Rd., about a block south of Scarborough High School. A gully thread of White Oak Bayou also runs nearby.


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  • So I take it Midcentury Modern is a synonym for dumpy Ranch house with vaulted ceilings?

  • Nice home on decent size lot bathrooms kitchen and doors need to be replaces be ready to spend $60k to $70k

  • It’s obvious a lot of people have no appreciation for MCM and unfortunately their lack of knowledge and appreciation ends up all to often mangling them in the name of updating.

  • Nice house. I wonder what happened to the oak floors it must’ve had at least in some areas. And nice to see, what looks like, original tiled bathrooms.
    Being so close to Oak Forest and in a nice mid-loop spot, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the next decade remake this area into McMansion Manor.

  • The dog’s head peeking through the tiny dog door in the kitchen door is pretty funny. I like the house and love the bathroom tile.

  • Some people’s taste is all in their mouth when they live in ticky-tacky tuscan in a gated community.

  • We used to live in this neighborhood and loved it. Lots of friendly neighbors, and a nice park right in the middle of the neighborhood. This house appears to be fairly priced. I’ll be surprised if it’t not under contract by the end of February.

  • I live in Mangum Manor and there have been at least 4 teardowns in the past few months. Our neighborhood is actually enveloped by Oak Forest. I’m hoping the trend continues. It’s a great little neighborhood.

  • Nice “mid loop” spot. Where have I been… I’ve never heard that term used before (for what I assume is between 610 and 8)

  • @Dana-X : I completely agree, this area is going to be on the upswing in the next few years with bleed over from Oak Forest. It already has a couple factors that started the Oak Forest boom – close Loop proximity, good Magnet schools (all 3 of theirs, where OF only had OF Elementary and Waltrip until recently when Black became one) and large lots. There’s actually easier access to retail and restaurants from here than GOOF, and currently you’d save 100k+ compared to an older home in Oak Forest. That is, if you can get one before the developers.

  • I love those gas heaters in the bathroom. Still use mine all the time in winter. I light it when my alarm goes off and get back in bed and hit the snooze. Get up 10-15 min later to a warm and cozy bathroom. I may go out one day in a gas leak litteral blaze of glory but I’ll risk it.

  • Is it typical for the heathers to be that high?

  • @Rex – Yes, for houses built in the 50’s here in Houston, they almost always have the heater about 2′ above the toilet. The two heaters in this house are at the standard height.

    I noticed on HAR that the price has risen by $20,000 since the listing first appeared. That must be due to the Swamplot publicity.

  • If the knobs to turn on the gas are still on the heaters, they are probably still functional. When my son was 3, he climbed up on the toilet and turned on the gas. It’s very inconvenient to cut the gas off to them and the plumber who came out just took the knobs off so we didn’t have to worry.