59 Feeder AT&T: A Starring Role in the iPhone Ecosystem

Apple’s Where To Buy Page for the iPhone, Showing the AT&T Store between Edloe and Weslayan

A Swamplot reader who’s been itching for one of them new 3G iPhones points us to this page on the Apple website, designed to show where you’ll be able to buy an iPhone. On July 11th, the new phones will be available at Apple Retail Stores and at AT&T outlets.

Naturally, Apple illustrates the two store options with photos of the most glamorous examples of each type. The Apple Store shown is the famous glass cube on 5th Avenue in New York City. And the AT&T store is . . . the AT&T Experience Store on the side of the Southwest Freeway between Edloe and Weslayan!?

Our reader comments:

And no, it doesn’t look that good in person. It’s on at least its third incarnation as a cellphone store: first it was a pretty boring two-story concrete box for Houston Cellular, then it got some outlandish rooftop decoration with a rebranding to Cingular, and then it changed brands (and colors) to ATT.

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  • The store doesn’t look that bad in person. It’s one of the best cell phone stores in the city I’ve seen.

    It is also ATT’s (and once Cingular’s) flagship store in Houston.

    It’s also the best store to make a scene when complaining about something, they always cave.

  • omg- that’s right by my house! i’m in there all the time buying new earbobs for my iphone AND the most annoying thing is -they won’t let you bring Starbucks inside!!! They stop you at the door. I”m always trying to sneak it in. Got away with it this week too!

    Am I the winner?